Located in downtown Providence Rhode Island, the Rhode Island School of Design has a fully staffed public safety department that is responsible for the safety and well being of all people utilizing the RISD facilities.  This brand new 2011 Dodge Charger Pursuit  is their second Dodge to join the fleet which also includes a Ford Explorer and Ford Escape Hybrid. 

Click here to see a video of this vehicle.

This installation utlilized the following equipment:

  • Motorola XTL2500 800 Mhz Trunking Radio
  • SoundOff Signal ETSA38ØR Remote Siren and light controller
  • Whelen SA315 100 Watt Siren Speaker
  • Troy Products CC-B-CHB14 vehicle specific console
  • Troy Products AC-CH11T-PS Passenger side equipment tray
  • SoundOff Signal ECVCSMLEDF mounted on the trunk headliner

This Installation utilized the following warning lights:

  • A refurbished Whelen Liberty Light Bar with Halogen Takedowns and Halogen Alley Lights
  • Two SoundOff Single Surface Mount Ghosts, color Red, mounted in the grille
  • Two Maxxima M09370WC 1" round LED's, color White, mounted in the front bumper
  • Two SoundOff Signal Interesectors, color White, Mounted under the exterior mirrors
  • Two SoundOff Signal ELUC2SØ1ØB mounted in the reverse lenses
  • One SoundOff Signal ETFBSSN-P Tail Light Flasher
  • One 911EP TD/WL24 color Red mounted on the rear deck
  • Two SoundOff Signal LED3's, one Blue/one Red, mounted under the trunk lid
  • OEM headlight flasher