Equipment list:


  • RX2700CC-MC Lightbar with AutoDim and Serial Controller 
    • White/Blue multicolor modules in the front and front corners
    • Blue/Red multicolor modules in the rear corners
    • Blue/Amber and Red/Amber multicolor modules in the rear corners
  • SML-Caprice – Blue/White/Blue
  • TRX6 Lights – Blue/ White on the front of the pushbumper and Blue on the sides
  • White HB6's in the front running lights
  • White HB6's in the spare reverse section
  • Red HB6's in the STT section
  • Blue/Red/Blue/Red Short Wingman on the rear deck
  • One Blue and One Red TRX6 on the interior trunk lid with a trunk bracket
  • Plug-In headlight flasher
  • Z3 Siren System
  • Two C3100 speakers


  • Trunk tray
  • Partition
  • ABS Seat
  • ABS Door Panels
  • Steel Window Bars
  • Shotgun Rack


  • GoRhino PB
  • Maxxima compartment light on the interior trunk lid
  • SoundOff Red/White LED dome lamp
  • Troy Products CC-CPFS-10 console with a custom faceplate for the Z3
  • HiNT Tablet/Keyboard mount
  • MagCharger
  • 1.5 Gallon ColdFire Extinguisher
  • XTL2500 Remote Head radio (transferred)