Equipment includes:



TriCore SuperVisor with takedowns
Z3 Siren
Banshee siren
Two C3100 siren speakers
Two HB6W LED Inserts in the front corner lights
Two XT4 Dual Stack's in the grille
Two PAR36's In the fog lights
Six HB915's installed in the rear taillights
Four HB4's installed in the rear hatch interior
Two Dual Essex red/white mounted in the rear quarter windows
One Torus CommandStik in the rear window



GTT 794H
Maxxima red/white dome lights on the front headliner and rear hatch
Troy Products Widebody console
Three Motorola XTL2500 radios – Color coded for easy identification during incidents
One CDM1550 radio
BC780XLT scanner
Truckvault command center
Portable radio charger
Streamlight Fire Vulcan
CommandStik is wired to an override circuit that automatically resets when the rear hatch is closed.