Equipment includes:



TriCore SuperVisor with takedowns
Z3 Siren
Two C3100 siren speakers
Two HB6W LED Inserts in the front corner lights
One XT308RR mounted on the front of the pushbumper

Two TRX6R's mounted on the exterior mirrors
Two TRX6R's mounted on the side of the pushbumper
Two HB6's surface mounted on the front corners of the cap
Four HB6's installed in the taillights
Two XT6R's surface mounted on the rear of the cap
One 8 head TriCore NarrowStik mounted on the truck cap



GoRhino pushbumper
Kussmaul battery charger with external display
SmartPlug shoreline connection including console mounted indicator
Engine block heater wired to shoreline
Red/White dome lamp
Maxxima LED Flood lamps
Maxxima LED cargo lights activated automatically by hatch switches
Reverse camera with dash mounted screen
Custom electronics compartment under rear seat
Troy Products Widebody console
Three Motorola XTL2500 radios (VHF,UHF,800)